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September 2022

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September 2022 DRE 02011831 Pauline Samuels Realtor 760 991 7170 LIBBY S REALTY 73389 29 Palms Hwy Twentynine Palms CA 92277 3 BED 2 BATH 310 000 Near Joshua Tree National Park Libby Realty is an equal opportunity broker If your property is now listed with a Realtor or broker please disregard this offer as it is not our intention to solicit the offer of other Realtors or brokers This information is deemed reliable but not quanteed Cal DRE 02011831 2

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creativeartistmagazine com Reggie McAtee Broker DRE 01503436 73389 29 Palms Hwy Twentynine Palms CA 92277 760 285 8100 4 BED 3 BATH AND ALMOST 10 ACRES TO CALL HOME 849 900 Libby Realty is an equal opportunity broker If your property is now listed with a Realtor or broker please disregard this offer as it is not our intention to solicit the offer of other Realtors or brokers This information is deemed reliable but not quanteed Cal DRE 01503436 3

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September 2022 Art and the use of metals Tom Weaver Cutest Babies Olga Milagros Gyv Me Body Nyki Allen www viplbc com INSIDE THIS ISSUE Unique Divas by Artist Karrtune Wednesday Nights The World Famous VIP Records Art Photographer Ron Knerem On The Cover Jose Manuel Cruz Music Publishing Gail Jhonson Start Shows NYC Sophocles Thais Plokamakis Exploring NFTs ValzArts etc Unique eye for Photography James Ryan Hassler No page numbers here Each artists is beautiful unique and AWESOME Film Director Mark E Ridley We invite you to take your time flip through and get to know each of the talented artists featured Feel the passion and together let s share the beautiful world of art creativeartistmagazine 4 The Metaverse Gallery Vela Art Live Painting Jason Osiris

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creativeartistmagazine com official_artistmagazine Cover art by artist Jose Manuel Cruz who is also photographed on the cover ISBN 978 1 7349105 4 4 Although reasonable efforts are taken to ensure the accuracy of the published material Creative Artist Magazine is not responsible for information given to us by the artists and or sponsors in the published issues Readers are advised that Creative Artist Magazine Pauline Samuels shall not be liable to any person s for loses or damages incurred as a result of the information provided to us by individuals artists and sponsors Which might also include contact information and photos 5 Contact Us send

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September 2022 Letter From The Editor Pauline Samuels Editor in Cheif NFT s are all the buzz these days and there is much to learn about this new digital art phenomenon taking the art world by storm Creative Artist Magazine just entered the Metaverse with our first of many Metaverse art exhibitions in July 2022 and asked the artists on display to set up their avatars and create their own galleries It is our hope that we can build our online community by utilizing this new space to broaden the reach of the artists through this medium It didn t take long for artist Vela to create his awesome space shortly followed by artist Valzaarts etc to set up his gallery and take it a step further by creating his NFT gallery Setting a spark in motion for artist to generate more visibility and make money is part of the goal for setting things up in the Metaverse platform Spatial io Although NFT s are a complex new world we believe it to be a gold mine for many artists and collectors With just some research you can set up your wallet and them attach it to your collections the rest is a whole new world of opportunities It is a fairly easy process to set up and get started however there is a lot to learn and educating yourself is a good idea For those reasons we plan on having several workshops on the subject by various individuals with knowledge on NFT s in the coming months Sign up on our website to get notifications on those upcoming events As a starting point read article by Valzarts etc in this issue We are also sharing the world of art with more educational articles written by the experts in their fields In this issue we 6 invite you to read the article written by Tom Weaver who is an expert in the are of the use of metal and steel Likewise you can learn about music publishing from music expert Gail Jhonson Both writers have additional articles on their prospective topics in hopes of sharing their knowledge with you our valued reader Sign up at creativeartistmagazine com to get notified of all our upcoming events and releases Get featured or become a sponsor send

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creativeartistmagazine com About Us T he road of an artist has many twists and turns that ultimately have them arriving at and accepting they are truly a uniquely gifted artist That place where they finally say I am a creative artist that s my story and I am sticking to it This statement was echoed by photographer Larry Leventhal during our interview for his article in our Spring 2021 printed issue Creative Artist Magazine features these passionate artist that live by a code of coming from a place of originality which simply means that they are telling their truth through their art Although sometimes similar no one can duplicate the passion that drives an artist to create in this realm of their truth to self This outward expression of what was once created selfishly can now be viewed by others as a ray of hope and give inspiration Finding out and coming to term with the fact that you re born to be one of the elite few who can paint draw sculpt act dance sing write or even make people laugh is and extraordinary moment in a creative artists life They usually walk around unaware of just how unique they are Artists sometimes suffer from depression and feel isolated Many find solace in the company and environment of other artists This is good but also where they miss out on seeing they have super powers The super powers to invent and create amazing things that fascinate the rest of the world I talk to people daily about art and the majority of them are not artists and marvel at what artists can do with the stroke of a brush Staying grounded in the world where your audience live is an artists ally This was a stance that artist Klay James Enos Mego Street Art Jason Osiris and Valentin Salazar has taken by putting themselves in the midst of an ever changing audience with their live art We are all gifted and talented in various ways however there are literally millions of people who simply does not possess your skill set They are your fans and collectors Trust in your unique super powers and paint the world with all the colors of you We are on an exploration of mind body and spirit That s what it means to be a creative artist we are dedicated to sharing the journey of the incredible super heroes that are called to do art It is our goal to help bridge the gap of what we see with what is felt through the process that art is created When we started Creative Artist magazine over 5 years ago there wasn t many people interviewing artists unless they were famous We saw a need to share the stories of all artists that possess passion and skills for their craft I am happy to say that now I see lots of opportunities available for artists no matter of fame It is a new day for the artists of the world and we like it We have interviewed hundreds of artists for Creative Artist Magazine over the past 5 years and found all of them to be quite remarkable Some have remained close and still the truth is I love them all and find a special beauty in them This love is what keeps me going as a champion for the arts and the artists that create it We look forward to sharing the beautiful world of art with you through our new endeavors 7

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September 2022 GETTING TO KNOW Olga Milagros The woman behind the camera of some of the cutest baby pictures on Instagram 8 Contact Olga For Booking & Inquires send

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creativeartistmagazine com N ew York City Photographer Olga Milagros was born in the small town of Astrakhan near the Caspian Sea which is in Russia Before moving to the USA she lived in Moscow for 10 years She now lives in New York where she has her photography business That being said she said she prefer to consider herself a citizen of the World in every sense She and I met through some of our mutual friends on Instagram I find her photos of families and newborns to be quite unique as they take a lot of creativity time and imagination Olga said she get most of her clients from recommendations from her satisfied customers and that a little targeting on Instagram has brought her new fans and clients as well In fact we invite you to take a look at it now olga Milagros photography When asked what s her most popular look or theme for photographing infants she said that many new mommies choose from her latest published images on her page She went on to say that each image is special because she puts her soul and a piece of her heart into it She likes to focus on details and harmoniously combine colors I laughed as I thought that some of Olga s tiny clients look young enough to still be in the womb She said that her youngest client was 4 days old But she stated that she that it is important to shoot newborns in the first 5 10 days because after this timeframe newborn babies are a little harder to settle and things like colic starts to flare up and they can no longer sleep as soundly as in the first few days of life Also they cease to be so flexible because after two weeks their muscles become stronger and they begin to grow very quickly 9

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September 2022 The first 5 10 days because after this timeframe 10

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creativeartistmagazine com When it comes to the amount of time involved with her getting those perfect shots she said usually most of the time is spent on putting the baby to sleep and putting it in the position she needs and this can sometimes take less than a couple of minutes When the parents follow all her instructions before shooting it usually goes quickly and easy I asked Olga how she came up with the idea to take pictures of babies and she said that since she was a child photography was always one of her favorite hobbies and that she was fascinated with Anne Geddes s work and dreamed of learning how to photograph newborn babies like her one day Years later she decided to fulfill her childhood dream Olga says that families orders photo books after shooting Which is awesome even though The whole world is becoming digital she believes that a printed book is an excellent way to keepsake these precious memories Although Olga herself doesn t have any children she says that perhaps in the next couple of years she ll meet her future husband and they will create a new Angel of their own and she will have her own model she said laughing Being a creative artist is so intense that I will often times ask those that I am interviewing what they do to unwind or stay grounded away from their art work Olga said one of her favorite hobby is a cave diving as you can see in the pictures She said that when you dive in caves you seem to find yourself in another world as if it s an opposite reality You are Completely connected with water and the only thing you can hear is your own breath She loves that there is zero gravity and always ask herself How did God create such a beauty How many more of the amazing places exist on the plant and we don t even know about them It was quite evident that cave diving was something she truly enjoyed and she said that she could talk about it for hours 11 Follow on Instagram

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September 2022 By Tom Weaver Tom had a passion for art and creation that was thwarted at an early age by having to have a real job Following his graduation with a Bachelors in Mechanical Engineering with a concentration on Business Management he began his career in Engineering work chemistry and Petroleum Development geology THE AMAZI WORLD OF M ARTWOR He is the founder of TMW Systems LLC a fabrication and industrial repair Corporation located in Southern California for which Pauline Samuels is an Executive in charge of Accounts and Technology He is a licensed contractor for Structural Steel and his team welds and fabricates large structures as well as ornate metal fencing and artistic works He has been in the fabrication business for 17 years and TMW Systems in existence for 9 years TMW Systems is certified and skilled in all welding processes SMAW MIG TIG and micro welding as well as familiar with many different metallurgies and thicknesses Specialty stainless steel alloys and aluminum welding are a showcase for TMW Systems He is also a Partner and Chief Financial Officer in Primal Sol Inc along with Pauline Samuels who is the Chief Executive Officer Primal Sol Inc is a premier destination site which will also showcase solar energy applications and innovations 12 Author s notes Creative Artist Magazine covers a broad spectrum of media and talents in the world of art As a contributing editor I have been approached several times for discussion on the use of metals as a form of media for Wall art sculpture and ornaments or plaques suspended or hanging Often I will be asked whether some scrap pieces would be suitable for creating something unique and fun The answer always depends on how the artist intends to employ the metals and whether they can be joined suitably

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ING METAL RK F creativeartistmagazine com or modern artists we now have tools and applications that the ancients could only dream about for the creation of their works Modern techniques such as laser cutting and engraving 3D printing CAD and CAM and other processes have elevated the degree of intricacy and capability for a modern artist The sky is the limit Being creative has never had so many opportunities and technological advances will provide greater opportunity in the future For this article the use of metals for the creation of works of art are divided into one of four major categories Castings Cold Forming Hot forming and Joined metals In this quick overview we would like to just briefly share our thoughts about each and open the door for more discussion collaboration and the fun you can have with all of these With that in mind the question becomes how can I get in the game As always in the wonderful world of art inspiration leads to motivation which leads to perspiration anticipation and then acclimation The author is laughing at himself for channeling his inner babbling BS The best part is that you can t really go wrong trying anything with metals However if you don t have the big bucks to spend on the equipment you need to make something that you envision what do you do There are ways to get started that don t require significant up front investment I will focus on some of these for those who are curious and want to give it a whirl If you are already using metals as your media of choice have fun with feedback and contribution Creative Artist Magazine always encourages collaboration and mentorship of all forms and we would welcome input from our Artists at any time Images used in this article are not ours In response to some questions that were raised the suggestion was to include an overview of metals and their applications for use My vision is to provide an overview and then follow up with a series of more specific topics and an analysis of each I hope you find this article helpful and inspiring As always the writer is available for any guidance or suggestions in your pursuit of artistic expression 13

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creativeartistmagazine com CASTINGS The use of metals in the creation of sculpture and design dates back to the dawn of the bronze age with some hammered forms dating to 7000 BC We have seen many examples of metal as an art form in bronze statues iron castings and architectural design from ancient times One only has to go to their computer or a museum to see examples of ancient artifacts created with metals such as statues figurines coins weapons and household implements The fun and fascinating thing about metals in art is that it is common to all continents and societies depending on the ore that was discovered Thus the use of the media was organic in creation as soon as ore refinement was discovered in any particular region the uses for the resulting metal included multiple art forms Iron is the most common element encountered in the world so the artwork from the ancients often included variations of iron including cast iron which cannot be stretched or bent and so it was rarely used in the decorative arts but found its way into homes as fireplace accessories stoves and ornamental facings Wrought iron which is soft and formable found its way into homes as railings and ornamental designs in addition to art forms Later the addition of carbon during refinement created steel which is lighter and more malleable than cast Iron and can be formed easily especially at high temperatures Castings involves the creation of a mold in which molten metal is poured into to create a form Although this process has ancient roots a cast frog figurine dates from Mesopotamia in about 3200 BC it is commonly used for both industry and art today Sand casting is credited to China with production parts dating to about 700 BCE Once cooled the casting can then be fettled to remove any of the casting materials and then ground honed polished and treated If you are new to this my recommendation is to start practicing with figurines and use a low melting point metal such as pewter There are starter kits available that are affordable and simple to use Once you have perfected your techniques you can move up to higher crucible melting point metals and more precise techniques Although videos and tutorials are helpful hands on training is my recommendation There are opportunities at many local community colleges and art schools that aren t too costly It should be noted that I am a fan I have several ornate bronze sculptures in my home and they are not only beautiful they are durable and accompany a variety of d cor The next generation of creative expression and casting excellence will come from 3D Printing in conjunction with precision mold creation Industry has led the way with applications that are precise and more easily facilitated than they were even 20 years ago Artists will take this to the next level This will be addressed in detail at another writing 15

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September 2022 HOT FORMING All metals become more formable with the addition of heat Some metals have a low melting point and are easy to braze and form Jewelry artists have magical skills with their work on gold silver copper titanium and other exotic metals I don t recommend getting into this realm unless you have a fat wallet and the right tools readily available However it is fun and can be quite rewarding We will discuss these processes talk with artists and dig deeper into how to best enter this sector of the Artistic genre at another time There are kits available for brazing soldering and hot forming In addition classes and videos are readily available for instruction Hands on especially if you can get paid to learn is extremely beneficial since some techniques and applications take time and patience to master 16

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creativeartistmagazine com Hot forming of steel generally involves the use of an oxyacetylene torch and brute force However sufficient heat can be generated with air driven kilns and you can fashion yourself as a modern day black smith There are a lot of things to make other than swords and horseshoes when you get your blacksmith on Plasma cutting and laser cutting are sophisticated forms of hot forming as the unwanted metal is cut away leaving the artist with the resulting shape as a relief If you have a vision for a piece made from steel or other metals as a relief I have good news You don t have to invest 50K on a plasma cutter or drop a Million on a laser machine Many shops are available that can scan in your work tighten the lines and cut your piece as a service for a fraction of the cost of having your own unit Note that plasma cutting or torch cutting will warp most materials during the cutting process Water jetting which is actually a cold forming process or laser cutting are the best choices if an intricate pattern is to be maintained Most laser cutting has a maximum thickness of of material depending on hardness Ask first there are no silly questions when it comes to metal cutting since you only get one shot at cutting COLD FORMING Cold forming is the most common starting point for an artist to get into the world of metal art Tin is a great media to get the ball rolling for a wall sculpture or relief Not only is it easy to shape and cut but the raw materials are available as scrap or trash Tin can be hammered cut and soldered easily and the resulting finish can be left raw painted acidized or simply lacquered for the final product I have seen some beautiful works made from cans and hand formed This is metal working on a budget at its finest The same malleability easy to form without having to heat or apply significant horsepower to alter the shape can be found with copper sheet steel and very thin aluminum to name a few Note that as the metals get thicker especially the case with steel the material becomes more resistant to forming In the case of aluminum the material becomes more likely to crack as it is bent and formed Practicing your techniques on scrap will be your guide The use of wire of all types to make cold formed works of art is another lower cost way to enter the world of metal art creation Wire in conjunction with cut and formed shapes can be a fun way to express your inner child as it is akin to playtime 17

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September 2022 JOINING METALS We have touched briefly on soldering brazing and welding as ways of taking individual pieces of metal and joining them to create a larger structure Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder and the author finds steel fencing canopies stairs furniture and other items made from steel too indeed be works of art We find that joining metals is the most common form of artwork The lowest cost method of entering the world of metal joining is by soldering The equipment is low cost and relatively easy to use Brazing is another lower cost method This is generally dependent on the size and shape of the material you are working with and the desired results you want to see Welding steel is when the initial investment to get going begins to take off Thinner metals are more difficult to weld yet don t require the large amounts of voltage and amperage as thicker metals My recommendations for an artist who wants to give this a shot are practical in nature I recommend starting with doing a project in conjunction with an experienced welder with the capabilities and their own machines and power sources to help you make your creation This is a super low cost way to give this a try to determine if this is going to be your genre There are many different welding processes and each material has its own unique set of parameters for quality welds TIG welding Tungsten Inert Gas is the process of choice for stainless 18 steel aluminum and exotic alloys The resulting connections are clean and sexy welding porn when done properly by a skilled craftsperson Schools Community colleges and trade schools are available for training to enter the world of welding This is one of those skills where you might take this as a vocation to pay the bills and complete your art projects on the side Since this is how the author makes his living he can and will provide a far greater detail of this art form as time progresses Creative Artist Magazine prides itself on our sharing of information and inspiring the next generation of artists Our founder Pauline Samuels encouraged me to provide some insight on the world of art from the side of the use of metals We wanted to start with an overview and then focus on each of the individual disciplines as we move forward I look forward to sharing more in the near future By Tom Weaver for Creative Artist Magazine

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creativeartistmagazine com 19

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September 2022 20

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creativeartistmagazine com ARTIST KARRTUNE K arrtune uses colored pencils colored pens and other mediums to create her unique pop art style art that captures the varying personality and essence of women who she calls Divas With pops of bright colors she is able to bring her Divas to life by creating the diversity that is in being a woman Whether it s about your hair your nails your feelings what you happen to have your sights on or what you would rather be doing she manages to capture the female essence and defines the complexity of life that women go through One thing all of her Divas have in common is that they all look like they are having fun no matter what s going on After seeing them you most definitely want to be included in the fun This is one reason I believe she became so popular in and around her home town community of Long Beach California It was after seeing her creations that I ask to have one of me as many people do Karrtune recently showcased her men series She is called upon to create her style on objects from skateboards to t shirts Check her active Instagram page to see her engageing post which sometimes include the process of her creations from start to finish 21

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September 2022 Since I was going to do a showcase and art extravaganza at another world famous location Roscoe s Jazz Lounge next to Roscoe s Chicken and Waffles in Long Beach California I decided it would be a good place to see the unique style that Karrtune created Karrtune was a hit with me right away and I knew we would include her in one of our upcoming articles Karrtune has won numerous awards for her work Her original eye wear and the style of hair she creates on many of her Divas are turning heads all over town popping up on requested murals Many times she creates what the Divas are eyeing by adding that in their glasses as in the case of one she created for the World Famous VIP Record and most recently for Creative Artist Magazine You can see Karrtunes love for the Long Beach community in many of her pieces that is also prominently displayed in and on businesses in Long Beach 22 She also believes in giving back and has donated her art to the Long Beach Police Department and the Long Beach Fire Department to thank first responders during crisis like Covid She has also donated to charities like the Long Beach Grand Prix Foundation and L A Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence Karrtune can be found selling and displaying her art at the First Friday Expo Gallery in Long Beach California Her work has also been featured at the Long Beach Airport You can look to get one of her calendars or check out her original art at her website ArtistKarrtune com or on instagram artistkarrtune Whether you want to purchase one of her unique originals or get something a little more personalized we highly recommend her She is a crowd favorite here at Creative Artist Magazine

Contact Karrtune to get your Diva started 

Emails are sent directly to the artist

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creativeartistmagazine com Pictured Karrtune and her husband Ant and their pup BB Karrtune s DIVA S Are Popping Up Everywhere 23 Follow on Instagram

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September 2022 Art Hearts Fashion L A Swim Week The New Mart DTLA 2022 Top Tina Glaze in Sheba Remnant Bikinis Right Bishmie Cromartie Carmen Sol Italia 24 Top Sheba Remnant Bikinis Left Keefer Madness Bishmie Cromartie Bishmie Cromartie

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creativeartistmagazine com P hotographer Ron Knerem and I met recently at the Art Hearts Fashion 2022 L A Swim Week at the New Mart Downtown Los Angeles There I found him camera at the ready and capturing some stunning photos of models as they came down the runway During a break we agreed to exchange information and keep in touch in hopes of adding him to Creative Artist Magazine s upcoming issues In talking with him I learned a lot about what drives this talented photographer who also enjoys coaching models Like many aspiring artists Ron packed up and left his hometown of Cleveland Ohio following his dream of expansion and career opportunities in Southern California Ron has certainly found many opportunities and it seems the universe is shining a light in his favor I asked him about his most recent experience at Art Hearts Fashion L A Swim Week 2022 and he said that it was exciting to meet vendors entrepreneurs artists and people from all walks of life who were all very positive uplifting and growth friendly in the high energy atmosphere full of networking opportunities We fully agree and commend the whole Art Hearts Fashion team for a job well done Pauline Samuels 25

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September 2022 Fashion Designs for band by Jacci Hammer BAND Daddy Longlegs Homegrown Revival Lead Singer Davidione C Pearl Venue Brothers Lounge Cleveland Questions Answers with Ron Knernem Q What got you started in photography Q What is your camera of choice and why A Just on a whim I wanted to photograph a band at a concert I used an old Canon film camera my buddy let me use I didn t knew anything about photography at the time and the shutter was so slow the images developed blurry but because of the movement of the band on stage they came out amazing At that moment I thought I have to do more of this So concert photography is where it all started when I was a musician A Well I started using Nikon and have been using Nikon my whole professional career as a photographer I love the wide color gamut the image files produce compared to other brands However a lot has changed with mirrorless shutter technology and feel I may be looking at Canon soon because they are quietly becoming one of the best makers of current pro cameras If I had my dream camera it s a medium format Hasselblad Continue on next page 26

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creativeartistmagazine com Fashion Designer Farinaz FZ Model DJ Annalog Hair MUA Leslie Casas Cruz Stylist Larcy Location Santa Monica CA 27

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September 2022 Questions Answers with Ron Knernem Q What is your most memorable experience as a photographer A I would say the time things really changed for me was shooting for the first time at New York Fashion Week It really supercharged me into what I really wanted to be doing in fashion photography and also in realizing the greater depth my identity as an artist Q Where do you see yourself in 5 years A I see myself living my goals as an international fashion and model photographer but also adding a modeling coach business as well My dream is to spend time in Europe especially Italy I want to be working at a model agency if it affords me the opportunity to do what I love in coaching and photography Q Do you have a hobby or something you do to reset or just for fun A Music Concerts Thrift shopping haha I ve been a musician and a music aficionado most of my life I ve produced concerts and went to many shows and played in bands it really is a language that speaks for me when I don t know how to find words Q Tell me one thing about yourself that others may not know A This is always a fun question for me I used to be an athlete for a while before realizing I was an artist at heart But I used to be a local pro bowler in my hometown of Cleveland Ohio As a youth bowler I won many awards I won scholarship money to help put me through my first year of college and YES I have bowled a perfect game 28 Q Tell me about your modeling coaching aspirations A Ah yes I ve been training models for a while before I moved to LA I didn t know it was a job I could do until I moved here I recently have launched my program publicly on Instagram and now on my Youtube Channel Ron Knerem Photography and model Coaching But it is a very personal venture for me actually All that I put into coaching is from my own life lessons that I ve accumulated over the years and lessons of my life I am a recovered childhood trauma person that uses my healing journey and lifeskill to help models overcome not only modeling obstacles or challenges but their own psychology in what they aspire to do and who they desire to become in life I desire to use my abilities in a model agency to be able to help and train more models than I have in the past Q How do you prepare for a shoot A At first its business practice to study the desired outcome for a shoot I draw on various resources to inspire me or help me remember ideas from previous shoots or study European photographers in their approach because it brings a fresh element of inspiration to my work I also then take time to rehearse my desired lighting and angles I want to shoot truly becoming inspired I try to make sure I get in my zone of creativity where things are flowing for me That may occur before or during the shoot It always depends on where you re at emotionally physically or psychologically With that in mind I exercise meditate pray and focus my thoughts on positive and uplifting things The mind is the greatest place of preparedness

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creativeartistmagazine com Q How did you get involved with Art Hearts Fashion Week A From a fellow photographer I met from my first show I visited to LA for Kevin She eld He was very helpful in ge ng me connected to the media team to apply for shooting at the first show in the Spring of 2018 I am so very grateful for Art Hearts and Erik Rosete and the media staff They ve been helpful to me and really have given me opportunities that I am really grateful for Their shows beginning with my first show with them in 2018 have always been a wonderful collection of art fashion and entertainment that I am inspired by Q What advice do you have for an aspiring photographer Q Have you done shoots in other countries A Easy answer Not yet but I hope so soon On a side note I did do a small shoot for a musician in Toronto a while ago that was great very spontaneous and he used the image he chose as a promo pic for an ad Q What is your favorite lens or filter and why A Favorite lens I own is my Nikon 70 200mm f2 8 VRII I love the range and separation of the subject to the backgrounds I can get and its a very sharp lens A lens I want would probably be a 105 or 135mm prime lens A Well from a technical standpoint shoot as much as you can but never discount the immense value of being a photographers assistant That s how I started my ventures was opportunity to learn first hand with someone who misdoing what I want to be doing From a creative angle make sure you r doing what you love not that other people are doing Your own personal style taste and what flows from your heart are important and affects this around you Your personal mark in photography is your true identity as an artist being brought to the forefront and that will separate you from other photographers your uniqueness 29 Follow on Instagram

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September 2022 MUSIC PUBLISHING By Gail Jhonson for Creative Artist Magazine References Kauffman C 2011 Gone for 47 years but the lawsuits roll on Retrieved from https forums stevehoffman tv threads sam cooke gone for 47 years butthe lawsuits roll on 252789 McIntyre H 2014 5 Common Types of Music Publishing Deals All Songwriters Should Understand Retrieved from http blog sonicbids com 5 common types music publishing deals all songwriters should understand Plumb B 2018 The Songwriter and Music Publisher Relationship Retrieved from https www royaltyexchange com blog the songwriter and music publisher relationship pt4 sthash bmLZK2IN dpbs A s a leader and decision maker in music publishing goals and objectives must be framed with ethical considerations in mind The music business does not have the best reputation in securing proper publishing rights for songwriters and artists Years ago many that wrote their own material didn t have the information on how the publishing game worked In fact they were lucky to receive any royalties from songwriting which was welcomed and considerably less than the publishing shares There are 3 main performing rights organizations referred to as PRO in the United States that administer license collect and distribute royalties for publishers They are Broadcast Music Inc BMI American Society of Composers Authors and Publishers ASCAP and Society of European Stage Authors and Composers SESAC Artists like Ray Charles Sam Cooke and Bob Seeger became students of publishing and really had to negotiate their ownership with their respective recording labels They formed their own publishing companies and challenged the publishing departments in record labels because they earned the revenue but also because it was ethical In the early days of recording the systems of studio work pressing marketing and distributing had to be worked out These were issues the business persons negotiated while the artists sang gained popularity and went on tour and trusted that their sharing of the music was equitable Jamesa and I have researched the various kinds of publishing deals We also review how songs can be exploited and some of the recoupable expenses Now that we are in the World Wide Web and post Napster Royalty Exchange July 2017 ASCAP vs BMI vs period there are still numerous issues to be settled SESAC The Big Three Who s for Me Retrieved regarding downloads streaming and cyber marketing from https www royaltyexchange com blog Let s examine these and other ethical considerations ascap vs bmi vs sesac There are several different types of publishing deals artists can consider They range from sub publishing co publishing administration exclusive songwriter and individual song McIntyre 2014 Let me demonstrate the difference between each type of publishing deal along with the benefits pros and cons of each Some publishing deals may work best for some artists 30 where other deals will not The artist known as Prince had tremendous legal battles over the ownership and publishing rights of his music Each artist is unique in their own creative style gifting and negotiating savvy Some music from artists have the potential to be licensed for different markets whereas some will not Depending on the artist and the music I would recommend one deal over another but in all ethical considerations should be in place 1 Individual Song The most common and easiest deal to maneuver These deals allow the artist to not be tied down to just one publisher for all of their songs For instance an artist can have 5 songs on their EP and only have 1 or 2 of them published by one publisher and the other by another publisher Usually these deals work best for artists just starting out in their career The publishing company will pay an artist a portion of the monies they collect from the song overtime at whatever percentage agreed upon McIntyre 2014 2 Exclusive Songwriter This type of deal an artist must agree to turn over all of their recorded music masters to one publisher for an agreed upon amount of time typically between 1 2 years at a time This agreement allows one publishing company to collect monies on all of the artists music The artist is paid one set amount from the company throughout the entire contract period regardless of how much money is actually collected McIntyre 2014 3 Administration Deal Under this deal the publishing company does not own any rights to an artist music however they are allowed to license the artist music The percentage earned by the artist under this deal is less than other publishing deals upfront but have the potential to earn the artist more over time depending on where and how the publishing company licensed the music These deals can last for a lengthy period of time The administrator is paid a portion for services rendered McIntyre 2014 Click To Visit Jazz In Pink

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creativeartistmagazine com offer my clients based off of their music and individual means of affordability and which type of publishing deal agreed upon If it is an administrative deal I would definitely do a upfront flat fee per month or quarter however with the other deals I would begin with a signing upfront fee retainer and then begin with 10 15 of revenue and it would increase over time and success of the song 4 Co Publishing Deal This deal is a tough one to come by however it is rewarding Co publishing means both the songwriter and the publisher co own the song together whereas the songwriter grants the publisher the rights to collect monies from it being marketed This deal requires legal teams to be involved as it is very complicated with the legalities Under this deal is where a songwriter can begin their own publishing company which is totally advisable so that they can co own the song and their record company will co own the copyright This way the company and the songwriter will earn 50 of the income collected plus collect the songwriting share McIntyre 2014 5 Sub Publishing Deal This deal mirrors an administration deal however it includes foreign partners to expand a songwriters music globally Some American publishers do not have all of the resources and personnel to effectively market a songwriters music internationally In this case American publishers will work with a foreign counterpart to represent the music Usually a sub publisher is hired to oversee royalty collections For each foreign country a separate sub publisher company and administrator will oversee the airplay and sales based on the laws taxes fees of that country McIntyre 2014 In regard to a revenue sharing model when it comes to publishing there are two sides to consider the songwriters share and the publishers share Publishers collect their money from licensing and royalty fees although they can offer an upfront flat cost if they choose to Some might propose that the upfront flat fee is best however sometimes an upfront flat fee is not always best For an upfront fee an artist usually pays a set price and then they retain the rest of the funds their music generates In regard to a revenue share setup it is based off of percentages I would also decide which to Control over how these songs can be exploited including the context of different uses I would have an in depth conversation with the artist about their vision for their music and where they would like to see it flourish I would discuss their wants likes what they are comfortable with etc and then discuss what my expertise are my experiences give advice and what I foresee the potential of the song to be Depending on the type of deal signed as the publisher I would have full rights to license the music wherever I chose or had the influence to do so At the end of the day it is about exposing the music and generating revenue I would consider what the songwriter wants but if their ultimate goal is to have their music licensed for gaming TV and movies but their music is more fitting for commercials then that s where I will push for it to be licensed The point at the end of the day is to do good business and business that generates income for both parties Recoupment and recoupable expenses Any and all recoupable expenses due to me as the publisher from the songwriter would have to be paid and satisfied before I would disperse payment from song royalties collected to the songwriter This would all be stipulated in the contract agreement signed with the songwriter For instance if monies collected from royalties for quarter 1 is a total of 2 000 and as the publisher per contract I received 50 of that which would be 1 000 off top but recoupable expenses still due totaled 500 the songwriter would only receive 500 The problem arises when publishers or record companies have a heap of expenses that were bestowed upon you in the form of pressing shipping photo sessions tour support admin costs it never ends no love for artists or their music just the money Kauffman Sorting out royalties to the estate of artists whose music is still being published is a web of confusion because of unethical practices Other ethical issues to be aware of For me as a publisher I need to make sure that the artist songwriter does not have any other publishing deals with other companies if they are in an exclusive deal with me as their publisher Otherwise legal entanglements may cause a lot of undue stress and financial hardship It is important for artists or songwriters to own at least a portion of their works if they wrote solely or with a writing partner arranged produced even if its just one word ALL that it takes to make a hit is due now and throughout the licensing period or perpetuity As a publisher it s proper to share the royalties to the creative persons involved For the songwriter making sure that me as a publisher practice integrity by only licensing and collecting my share of the incomeEXCEPT for the share that is to be collected by a PRO performance rights organization such as ACAP or BMI As a publisher I do not have the legal rights to collect the writers share of public performance this is called mechanical royalties this share is paid directly to the songwriter through their perspective PRO Plumb 2018 Nowadays with companies like Sound Exchange and CD Baby royalties are paid directly to the artists monies that resulted from record spins and digital outlets Nonetheless civil court filings from years past are still being litigated It can be argued that people in the music business have 31

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September 2022 Valz Arts etc NFT s Metaverse It was after being invited to Creative Artist Magazine s Metaverse art exhibition in July 2022 that the opportunity to embark on my NFT start was now Being in this modern society that inspired me to make the NFTs collection I m most of all a product of my environment and the culture inspires me to create images as a reflection in of itself 32

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September 2022 I decided to share some of what I learned with the readers of Creative Artist Magazine in hopes of giving others looking to get into the NFT business a starting point Non fungible tokens are digital images on a blockchain with a unique code as an identity which is made to distinguish them from one another The value of an NFT may fluctuate just like crypto or Etherium currencies Further more each NFT has its own perceived value I began doing this for the love of art it is my passion and I was creating digital paintings already so to me they are the most valuable products I can produce because its authentic work that was made from the heart and it is a documented reflection of todays culture this is one of my contributions to humanity Paintings that I create are also able to be displayed in a digital gallery that I can share with art enthusiasts and people that want to experience the series You can enter the world of digital art galleries in the spatial platform and explore the environment In todays age of art history the meta verse offers artist the chance to have a gallery show that the viewers can either use cell phones V R head sets or desk tops to see the paintings from anywhere on the planet simultaneously If any one wants to make a purchase of the digital paintings series they can now do that online and have it as their own This is how it all came together to create nfts of the glitch distortion concepts and have them displayed in my virtual gallery after taking part in Creative Artist Magazine s exhibition I m happy that it worked out this way so it s a mutual benefit for all that are involved but most of all sharing the art work with the world is exciting and fun I am more than happy to be involved in this scenario Valentin 34 ART HEARTS FASHION Of coarse any artist is more than capable of creating a collection of the concepts that they produce so I seized the opportunity and am now in the NFT market thanks to Pauline Samuels for motivating me to get started sooner rather than later L A SWIM WEEK 2022 A new lucrative platform has been created in which paintings are now in a new category of business sales like never before and photo sharing has taken on a new way of expression I have been given the opportunity to not only express myself digitally any one can now also make a profit and be compensated for art work in exchange for digital currencies Featured at Art Hearts Fashion L A Swim Week 2022 Doing Live Art Curated By Six Summit Gallery

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creativeartistmagazine com The style that I have been painting in this latest series is called Glitch Distortionism Alterations happen on digital screens in todays society That is what inspired this approach Prior to this style I was painting pixelated imagery keeping the proportions uniform with highlights and shadows of a portrait recognizable to be three dimensional This was an attempt to create low resolution portraiture that became a prerequisite for new ways to paint art work on canvas I applied Distortion painting techniques to experiment with portraiture styles figure painting also still life imagery This enigmatic style for me was full of discovery Color block displacement allows me to be able to extremely alter forms making hues and geometric shapes act in ways that are revolutionary Some shapes will have a full blending transition of colors and other shapes are solid colors Spontaneous rearranged designs are the fundamentals of these concepts Valentin 35

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September 2022 ela Art V S ebastian Vela is a large scale muralist who is originally from Santa Fe New Mexico Sebastian is often called by his last name of Vela and says that he comes from a very artistic family Vela said his grandparents immigrated to Los Angeles in the 1980 s from Buenos Arias Argentina Coming from this art rich family where his grandfather Luis Cogley is an amazing oil painter and his uncle Diego Velazquez is an award winning metal smith in New Mexico He is proud to have inherited this talent from his family legacy and have fond memories from growing up around art This is something that I rarely hear interviewing artists Many times they are the only one in their family with the art passion and at times feeling like the odd ball in the family Vela took his art passion to another level when he was in his teens when he started working with aerosol spray paint coming from more graffiti street art form and incorporating fine art to create his own mural business Vela have been an entrepreneur and full time professional artist for the last 10 years 36 Vela said that having art in his blood doesn t mean it s been easy it took a lot of time and hard work to master his craft I am very impressed with the level of skills that Vela possess especially since he is just 30 years old He exhibits maturity in his work of someone far beyond his years It was that talent that caught my eye on Ziggy s Smoke Shop in Huntington Beach California I was driving by and had to know who the artist was that created this stunning masterpiece that engulfed the entire building I pulled in to Ziggy s and said I want this artist They said it was a collaboration with Ekohs of Silence It turns out that Vela had done 2 3 of the entire building of the most beautiful tiki surfer vibe design and Ekohs added his deep underwater fantasy scene with octopus and all Overall this was a stunning display of artistic skills that I wanted to share here in Creative Artist Magazine

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creativeartistmagazine com I actually created a video of the artwork at Ziggy s and Vela said that he gets call for interviews from the media and newspapers but it was the fact that I was experiencing the work in its fullness live He said seeing me capturing it was a nice treat Adding that some interviewers don t even get to see a piece of his in person and that this touched him I live for the moment of seeing beautiful art in person His take on the huge murals that are on display around the world is in how things have changed He added that the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo and Diego Rivera murals took years and they used paint and brush with an incredible amount of details that took these artist several months and even years to complete He said that nowadays we have companies that created spray paint and mural style material to help execute them in a more timely manner Adding that if you are able to perfect your craft with those tools you are now able to work faster and that a mural can now take just days or weeks to complete Vela said that there are times when you are able to take your time on a project and it may take a whole month while other times it s a race with the clock when you have to meet deadlines for a grand opening He said that people don t realize just how much goes into putting a mural together and that a great deal of mathematics goes into it Adding that when you need to calculate space time and distance along with materials to execute your project properly It gets pretty technical he said that when you know how much space calculate by the number of cans and various colors and then combined with the technique or style used to work that can Also knowing what angles to use to conserve that amount of paint can be a critical part of meeting a deadline He says that from getting a little sketch to then scaling it out to cover the full side of a building is where the real magic comes in and that is also his favorite part 37

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September 2022 Vela said he was just about to leave California to go back to New Mexico when he heard the news of Kobe Bryant s death He was deeply moved by this and by the out pouring of love from the city Los Angeles He said he has never witness such a tremendous amount of love for someone like this and he wanted to do his own tribute before leaving even if it was just to beautify a remote alley Then he received a call from someone asking him if he could do a Kobe mural on their business wall located in Boyle Heights He took the job and still feeling all the emotions from completing the work he forgot to add his signature The next day when he went back the streets were lined with ABC news and several other news outlets After that he received non stop calls from people wanting him to do Kobe murals whether in homes backyards and businesses he did over 30 Kobe murals in and around Los Angeles and it s surrounding areas Included in some of his murals were requests to add other celebrities who have transitioned to be with their ancestors like Nipsey Hussle and Tupac Vela said the Mayor and other city officials even came out to take photos at one of his mural sites Along with his Kobe Nipsey and Tupac murals Vela also took part in an incredible mural at the Del Amo indoor swap meet of Snoop Dogg that is on a 35 foot wall Now that s what we call larger than life 38

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creativeartistmagazine com Vela is in the Metaverse Vela s work was recently featured at Art Hearts Fashion 2022 L A Swim Week Curated by Six Summit Gallery He was also featured in Creative Artist Magazine Winter 2021 printed magazine 39

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September 2022 D esigner Nyki Allen presented her brand Gyv Me Body at the 2022 Art Hearts Fashion L A Swim Week at the New Mart Downtown Los Angeles She embraces the essence of all women in her swimwear collection entitled Sophistication Her collection showed us a bevy of beautiful body types and was executed perfectly 40

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creativeartistmagazine com As featured at Sophistication Photos pixbygg 41

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September 2022 Nyki told me that her love for fashion started at an early age when at 10 years old she started modeling and have been sewing since the age of 12 A talent she got from her grandmother back in Mississippi About Gyv Me Body About her brand Nyki said she is redefining beauty because she believe that each woman has a unique special kind of beauty Nyki taps into what that woman believes to be her assets whether its her legs waist breast buttocks or hips She went on to say there are parts of us that we may not even be aware of as an asset She uses bold colors pretty details crystals and other details that support the femininity of women Nyki said that as women our bodies may change from when we are 22 32 52 and beyond She wants us to embrace the changes in our bodies and accept ourselves as we get older have children lose or gain weight and still love every inch of ourselves For her collection Sophistication at L A Swim Week 2022 she was inspired by evening wear fabrics She used this as the theme and added special touches that included beading and sequencing with flesh colored tones with spandex and Lycra underneath 42 Nyki said her swimwear is designed very intentionally and are more transitional pieces and not just swimwear Her suits can be worn with slacks or a skirts and a blazer for a mixer while her cover ups can be worn to a brunch Other times she said you can dress them up for a sexy date night or girls night out I must add that Nyki s pieces have so much versatility and are designed with quality in mind making them a good return on your investment

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creativeartistmagazine com Follow on your favorite social media platforms Facebook Instagram and TikTok gyvmebody 43

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September 2022 World Famous VIP Records The World Famous V I P Records has begun it s capital campaign to find the iconic VIP sign a permanent home in the City of Long Beach This space will be utilized to build out the vision of The VIP Experience an African American Music Museum This museum will capture over 50 years in the music industry from across the spectrum of genres including Blues Jazz Soul R B Reggae Gospel Hip Hop and Rap This unique space will feature a recording studio with youth programming on music production and marketing educational programs to enhance artistic talents podcasts performance space and a classic nostalgic record shop experience The museum will educate and ensure that the Black Music Story lives beyond the spoken word and is noted in historical records for generations to come The location is meant to be a destination site for those from all over the world to visit and as a premiere showcase for the City of Long Beach as well as continue our mission to support the community through art and education You can help the vision of providing educational and cultural equity a reality by donating to the VIP Records Fund Your generous donations will help us secure a location the historical preservation of the iconic VIP sign start up campaign for the museum and educational programs 3 Ways to Give By Mail www viplbc com Scan with camera Send donations to 1028 E Pacific Coast Hwy Long Beach CA 90806 Make checks payable to the VIP RECORDS FUND The VIP Records Fund is fiscally sponsored by DreamKreator Studios a 501 c 3 tax exempt organization All donations are tax deductible to the extent permitted by law 44

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September 2022 Jerry Grant Kabu Okai Davies Rodney gilbert Russell Murray Charles F Cummings Breya Knight Cephas Bolwes 46

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creativeartistmagazine com Amiri Baraka Dr Clemente Alexander Prce Dr Robert Curvin Halim Suliman JOSE MANUEL CRUZ J At Creative Artist Magazine we tell parts of the artist journey that leads them to becoming an artist We believe this builds relationships with the artists and our readers One part of Jose s journey included something that while telling it to me it was apparent it was an important event that helped shaped his decision to be an artist Jose started by saying that it was while in the 3rd grade that he remembers one of the art teachers would often invite him to his 8th grade class As a 3rd grader this was pretty impressive stuff It was during this time in his life that he first exhibited his art and of all places the Newark Museum ose Manuel Cruz is an artist and educator born and raised in North New Jersey and currently resides in Raleigh North Carolina where he shares his life with his beautiful wife Dawn and two lovely daughters Ariana and Alana As I started my interview with Jose I knew I was in for a real treat As I looked at the diversity in his range of art it became apparent that the question of art medium wouldn t work with him as he was proficient in several different mediums Jose s diverse and rich family heritage was something he proudly offered and said that the coined term Colorican reflects his identity as an American born individual to a Colombian mother and a Puerto Rican father Having that one moment where someone believes in you and give you the confidence to see your potential at any age can have a lifetime effect on the direction of your life It was apparent that having his teacher encourage him to do art was what led him to continue that path Jose has a degree in fine arts however growing up he found himself doing many different styles and using several different mediums staying versatile With art in his blood and finding that fire for it in 3rd grade Jose attended an art high school and with pride in his voice he said the same alma mater as the great Sarah Vaughan Tisha Campbell Savion Glover and a host of other artistic notables 47

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September 2022 Graduating Summa Cum Laude Jose said he was accepted to a lot of universities but he decided to stay local to be with friends and his mentor Professor Ben Jones Jose settled in at New Jersey City University where he earned a Bachelor s of Fine Arts graduating Summa Cum Laude While attending college Jose said he became a substitute teacher at the same art high school that he use to attend This he says opened him up to taking his love for art even deeper and opened him up to becoming an educator After 10 years of substitute teaching he became a full time art teacher where he now resides in Raleigh North Carolina This represents the cultural mask that women of color wear in our America that is hidden due to stereotypes and racial biases 48

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creativeartistmagazine com As I mentioned earlier Jose s art comfortably reflect several different mediums and have an even wider range of topic that he explores As I looked at the images in his first folder I had to ask the question of politics and art It seemed that there was a lot going on with the different occurrence of things in the national topics I asked Jose to share what was the message surrounding these particular pieces of the individuals with what appears to be a bullseye Jose said that there are a lot of negative and unjust things happening in our society both now and as far back as he can remember and now comes to the surface in the media Ironically he doesn t create them at the time of the current i ncident but waits 2 to 3 years to create his statement piece and find that they are still relevant In his series entitle Don t Shoot which depict 3 different gentlemen of Latino and African American descent came 4 years after the Michael Brown shooting Jose said that it was something that never left his mind however he really doesn t like jumping on the band wagon of the topic at that moment He said that it grows in his blood and then when he is ready to deal with it that s when it comes pouring out on a canvas He then added that unfortunately the way things cycle in our society these types of topics seem to have yet another story at the time of he is working of a previous incident Jose continued and said that this seems all too relevant for people of color who seem to be walking around with a target He added that it may be an invisible target but the target was still there Adding that whether through racial profiling or someone just wanting to mess with you for no reason other than the color of your skin it s still there 49

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September 2022 Some of Jose s influences as an artist is attributed to others which include Professor Bernard Eleta Caldwell Mr K Russell Muray Keith Haring Jean Michel Basquiat Miro Caldor Peter Max Gustav Klimt Orozco Diego Frida and others Follow Jose Manuel Cruz on Instagram cruzwearstudio1 Jose Manuel Cruz s works can be found in prominent places including the Smithsonian Anacostia 50

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September 2022 Thank You After my art was featured in Creative Artists Magazine summer edition of 2021 A new art collector found me and I have sold pieces to California a new market for me Also I posted in my social media and gained more followers and exposure that made my work more well evaluated by the clients But most important of all is that my daughter will be able to one day read the article that shows the moment of my life when she became part of it I m very thankful for the opportunity THAIS COELHO PLOKAMAKIS Artist and Co Founder of Start Shows NYC 52 Click To See More Art By Thais

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FARM BOY COMICS As a sponsor of Start Shows NYC I reached out to my good friends who are co founders Sophecles and Thais Plokamakis to get the latest updates since being featured in Creative Artist Magazine over a year ago Sophocles said that Farm Boy comics have come a long way since their origin at SVA school of Visual Arts in 2006 when they were just in black and white like Japanese Manga Sophocles said since the last article published in Creative Artist Magazine I have created many more pages of Farm Boy Sophocles described Farm Boy by saying it is about a vegetarian farmer that loves his animals but yearns to be a space explorer and meet beings on creativeartistmagazine com By Sophocles Plokamakis other planets He gets his wish but in a strange way as he and his animal friends have to fend off an invading alien threat with newly acquired superpowers and martial arts This story line and my love for comic books is what attracted me to the Farm Boy comic myself and I am the proud owner of signed copies of both issues Sophocles said that his vision for the future is to publish the first graphic novel with more than 100 pages by the end of 2022 on Amazon com as a best selling book Also a few years down the road to become an animated tv series and animated movie series Check our the Farm Boy series for yourself at startshowsnyc com and you ll quickly see why I am a fan of Farm Boy comics myself 53

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September 2022 L R Ryan Jada Candace Reggie Olivia Top Candace Right Olivia Bottom Jada I am with my babies just about 24 hours a day Especially when I first became a dad so seeing them in their own habitat and watching their natural characters gives me ideas in moments Like When Candace stops mid swing and gazes into the sky what is she thinking What does she see So I try to create possibilities around them in their photo s 54

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James Ryan Hassler creativeartistmagazine com Photographer Extraordinair J ames Ryan Hassler is a Photographer with a unique skill to see the beauty in things most people walk right pass James is also someone I call friend and we see each other quite often as we live near each other While visiting James keeps me engaged with his photographs that he transforms into beautiful works of art We play a little game sometimes where I have to guess what the art piece is in it s original form This is the tricky part as James literally will take a photo of things that no one else would otherwise notice and make it noticeable Photographing anything from the inside of a trash dumpster to a clump of grass he sees art in missed things Palm tree bark Pot Hole James is the father of 3 beautiful daughters Olivia 3 Candace 2 and Jada 1 and 3 pups too Even with his hands full he manages to balance life with an ease he is unaware others notice He can often times be seen photographing the girls and capturing them in truly memorable moments James who is also an artist painting drawing music says that he first got introduce to photography by his husband Reggie when he gifted him with a camera for his birthday a Nikon D3400 James said he began experimenting right away and haven t looked back Of course I wanted to know what got him into taking such unusual isolated and random things James said he was day dreaming at work on a long boring shift and walked by a pothole and took a picture of it pictured on this page also when I asked James what was the most unusual thing he s photographed he said the inside of an empty trash dumpster Picture on this page Liriope grass Emply Trash Dumpster James has an incredible eye and has assisted me and others with creating and designing marketing materials and was a extra set of eyes for me with this issue of Creative Artist Magazine I hope he will officially join our team You can follow James on Instagram Tumbleweed 55 FOLLOW ME ON INSTAGRAM

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September 2022 Artist Statement Just like the great Da Vinci I am a man of many hats I am never satisfied My hunger to learn and master my art drives me From oil paint and spray paint to fashion and graphic design I draw my inspiration from many avenues in the hopes of making art people can relate to Art people can feel in their bones and in their hearts A wise man once said there can be no great art without great suffering To me this means I have to pour the very depths of my soul onto each canvass and hope that people can understand where I m coming from I have been taking great efforts lately to step back from my schooling in realism and classical painting My current portfolio reflects a curiosity with different techniques mediums and materials with an emphasis on colors and patterns Jason Osiris 56

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creativeartistmagazine com 2022 L A SWIM WEEK LIVE ART Link Up To Jason s New Digital Art Gallery 57

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September 2022 Featured at Art Hearts Fashion L A Swim Week 2022 Doing Live Art Curated By Six Summit Gallery Artist Jason Osiris is always reinventing himself He has a tremendous amount of talent and being able to harness it is sometimes the hardest part Jason is versatile in several mediums of art including digital art Jason has worked on several project here at Creative Artist Magazine and our sponsors Jason s adaptability is incredible and he was recently featured at Art Hearts Fashion 2022 L A Swim Week at the New Mart DTLA with art curated by Six Summit Gallery Additionally Jason showed off his skills by doing live painting This was a real eye catcher with him being featured right where the models came onto the runway Jason s painting entitled Time Waits For No Man was the topic of discussion of many of the guest attending the 4 day show Jason was also on the cover of Creative Artist Magazine kick off digital issue that announced the return of our magazine to our digital platform This was also the launch of our Metaverse gallery exhibition which had Jason s work prominently featured Jason is currently working on his Metaverse online digital gallery and his expanding digital art collection He is one to watch and we are happy to have him as part of the Creative Artist Magazine family 58

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September 2022 markeridley Mark E Ridley is an American actor writer and director who is rapidly gaining accolades for his work in the film industry and with two of his short films Within 8 Hours and The Board and also his full feature film Stolen Breath The Truth Revealed all of which has gained rave reviews for Marks brilliant work as a film maker Mark s motto is Unstoppable and Driven and that fits this dynamic artist well Mark began his career as a top model hitting the runways and gracing magazines with several magazine covers included Mark added acting to his resume doing stage commercials film and television However it was his burning desire to write and make films that finally erupted Mark s style range from comedy horror and powerful human interest rolls One such film his powerful 60 award winning feature film Stolen Breath The Truth Revealed is streaming worldwide and his social injustice films Within 8 Hours and The Board are among other films created by Mark Mark is continuously working to do good work and tell great stories Mark tested his skills as a cinematographer on his first horror film Together At Last You can also see Mark in other films such as Brown Paper Bag Being Black Enough Bluest Moon and many others Mark would like to collaborate with others that have projects and vision to create films Keep your eyes peeled for more as Mark Ridley continues to shock and entertain his audience

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September 2022 STAY IN THE LOOP GET ALL THE SCOOP official_artistmagazine Sharing The Beautiful World Of Art 62 CONTACT US TODAY send